Medical Equipment

heart rate monitor I use my heart rate monitor to keep my workouts as fulfilling as possible. The heart rate monitor lets me know how fast my heart is pumping so that I can work out in the right intensity zone. It’s important to keep your work outs at a certain intensity so that you can get the best results from them.

My workouts stay challenging with the heart rate monitor. I like the way that it snugly fits on my wrist and gives me the stats that I need right away. The monitor is very easy to read and it looks stylish as well. I like that I can get the very most out of any workout with my handy and useful heart rate monitor.

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toe sleeve I like to use toe sleeves to keep my feet comfortable and to relieve extra pressure when I play tennis. I have been playing tennis for a long time and I really like to get competitive and see if I can beat my brother and his friends. I used to play tennis on the high school tennis team and it’s a game I still like to enjoy now that I have graduated from college.

There’s a lot of foot movement in tennis. You have to be really quick and graceful on your feet to get all of the hard shots. There’s a lot of starting and stopping in tennis and that’s why you need to keep your feet really comfortable. My toe sleeves give me the best comfort for my best tennis game.

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