The cyclists noticed that cotton cycling caps are much more prone to stains. This is because cotton is a much stronger absorbent, which makes it doubly easy for the dust particles to settle on it, which, in turn, also ends up absorbed by the cotton as well. Wool caps, however, do not even have to be washed regularly because it hardly gets any stains.

The cyclists must not worry about this so much because the material used for the caps does not greatly affect the main function of the item.  Their main function is to prevent the sun from damaging the skin. The visor is the part that is most responsible for this particular function. Even if the cyclist chooses to wear the cap with the visor at the back, it can also protect the nape from getting sunburned.     The cycling cap has moisture wicking, fast drying and breathable suitable for motorbikes, skiing and other outdoor activities,   It has a good elasticity and can be worn in many ways.  Can be used as a scarf, cap, headscarf, facemask, balaclava, headband, wristband, etc

Author: Martha

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